Q.1 What are Fitcoins and how can users earn them?

Ans. Fetnit24 gives coins as rewards for every step indoor or outdoor like walking, running, cooking, shopping, and cycling and we call them Fitcoins.

Q.2 Can we withdraw the Fitcoins into my Bank account?

Ans. You can redeem the Fitcoins while purchasing products from Fetnit24 app shop only.

Q.3 In how many days I'll get my ordered product?

Ans. You will get your product within 4-5 working days.

Q.4 Can I redeem all Fitcoins on one purchase?

Ans. You can not redeem all Fitcoins in one purchase but You can redeem Fitcoins,for 10% of the purchase value on every order.

Q.5 What is the value of 1 Fitcoin?

Ans. 1 Fitcoins is equal to one rupee.

Q.6 Can we order products by COD?

Ans. Yeah, COD is available on Fetnit24.

Q.7 How to Sign up on Fetnit24 app?

Ans. After downloading the app, open Fetnit24 app, then add your number, verify your number with otp, and add your name, gender, age, and email id to sign up. You can sign up through your number, google account, Facebook account, and Fitbit account.

Q.8 How to Set weekly Goal on Fetnit24 app?

Ans. After log in, on Home Page, choose your weekly goal, you can select steps/week , cyclying/week or calorie/week.

Q.9 How to check Fitcoins on Fetnit24 app?

Ans. After log in, click on Fitcoins sections to check the Fitcoins you earned.

Q.10 How to shop on Fetnit24 app?

Ans. After log in, go to shop section, here you can find categories , top brands, offers & discount. Choose your product, add to cart, add your address, select payment method and place your order.

Q.11 Where can I see my order details on Fetnit24 app?

Ans. After placing order, go to My order section to see your order details.

Q.12 Is return or cancellation available?

Ans. If you recieved damaged or mismatched product , then return can only valid.

Q.13 How can I update my profile?

Ans. Click on "Human Icon" on app, to update your profile.