About Us

“ Earn with every step you take every move you make”.

We at Fetnit 24 believe that the best way to be healthy and happy is by taking care of your body . So, we strive to encourage people to walk towards fitness everyday by combining it with the pursuit of shopping . We provide a kickstart to move more and more to get that extra mile towards achieving a healthy lifestyle by also getting rewards for every move you make and every step you take.

At Fetnit 24 , we correct this existential crisis of exercise meaninglessness by awarding coins that go towards shopping products from renowned brands and exclusive deals on various products . It turns exercise into a arcade game , where instead of tickets , you can earn coins that lead to actual merchandise at a discounted price by redeeming the coins.

“ you walk we pay 24/7 everyday”.

One of the most personalised experiences for you , Fetnit24 is India’s one -of-a-kind app that makes fitness fun and shopping easier.

Designed just for YOU!